Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Generate is committed to seeing churches revitalized and healthy. Through Generate Renewal, churches can receive grants to work with a consultant to help turn around a plateaued or declining ministry.

Since its start in 1990, Baptist Church Planters has been planting and rescuing churches. These rescue works were the first attempts at what we now call revitalization. These works were led by a missionary pastor with minimal oversight by the agency and with no established process in place. Progress in these churches came when their congregations developed a DNA of sound doctrine and multiplication.

Since 2017 this rescue focus has further developed so that a process for both evaluation and action planning has been put into place. This revitalization process includes works that have a missionary. Each revitalization is paired with an established church that has a pastor. Each church is provided trainers who disciple men and women to lead and teach and to reproduce this training in others.

Three key elements are nurtured in each revitalization: focused prayer by the core, intentional discipleship that multiplies, and accountability. That accountability is provided by another church as requested by the revitalization church and offers prayer, encouragement, and help. This help, depending on the situation, may be in the form of preaching, training, work teams, trainers, or people.

As the revitalization process nurtures fellowship within the church and with other churches, God’s plan is slowly ignited. Discipleship leads to multiplication, which leads to health and stability.

From this stability these two churches can then plant or help revitalize another church. BCP often provides transitional help to revitalization churches when a pastor is lacking; conciliation help because peace needs to be established before growth can be healthy; governance and financial coaching if these rudimentary elements need to be strengthened; or closure help through our subsidiary ChurchCare if after evaluation the church believes it should close and invest in a future church plant. BCP fosters the strengthening of churches through intentional discipleship and then facilitates the working together of those churches to send out people to plant and revitalize churches in a multiplicative manner. Please connect with us at or
As president of BCP allow me to be personal regarding revitalization. I grew up in a BCP rescue work that had 15 years of struggle which shaped me for this ministry. This church has now been healthy for a couple of decades and has reproduced this in people they have sent into ministry and in another revitalization church that is growing. I believe every person and church must practice ongoing renewal which Scripture would call our ongoing sanctification. Sometimes this process becomes very focused for periods of time which then produces beautiful spiritual fruit. In my 22 years of pastoring, I sought to nurture this in biblical counseling, discipleship, and worship services. My desire is to help churches nurture this renewal in its core leadership team and then in the church at large such that the church begins to be healthy and reproducing. This is why as president I spend over 50% of my time helping churches in their discipleship and revitalization. I am joined by our three church facilitation directors who have decades of camp directing, foreign missions, and pastoring experience.
Since 2017 BCP has established new practices and is currently helping eight churches at various stages of their consultation and revitalization efforts. These churches range in size from 200 to 30 people on a Sunday morning. One of these churches while in the consultation phase realized it needed conciliation help. Now they have a new pastor, they have set some of the recommended pieces in order, attendance has increased from 35 to 50, and their leadership training will begin this fall. Another work saw a mass exodus of people as revitalization began. But they persevered, pursued peace within and with those who left, and did leadership training for their men and women. Now 2 years later they are beginning to reproduce with the church’s first adult convert in its history. The multiplication has begun as this lady is being discipled and bringing friends. This church prays weekly for over 200 people that they are intentionally making spiritual connect with at work, to neighbors, through coaching, or community service. God will give them more fruit as this missional obedience takes place. Thomas Rainer says revitalization’s first phase may take 5 years so it would be wise to begin now. Tangible progress usually begins after the first two years of prayer, toil and discipleship have been invested.
Please call me at the mission (440.748.1677) to hear more details of what God is doing and how we might partner together.