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Generate 50/50 Campaign

Help encourage, plant and renew GARBC churches through a $50 monthly gift.

You can share in the joy of planting & renewing local churches in the GARBC

In the past 5 years, Generate has given more than $381,000 to churches to help fund church revitalizations, church plants, residency grants to develop leaders, facility grants to upgrade church buildings, and disaster relief grants to help churches recover from natural disasters and minister to the communities affected by them.

Generate has also given $20,000 in materials to pastors and church leaders at 16 church solutions conferences over the past two years. These conferences are designed to help the church move forward to reproduce disciples, leaders, and churches.

Help us do more by contributing to our 50/50 campaign!

The concept is simple. We are asking 50 churches to start giving $50 per month to Generate so we can continue to fuel the health and reproduction of churches and leaders within the GARBC.

Will you help?

Your investment will make a significant impact on churches across North America.  

Thank you for investing in Generate!

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What can God do through your gift?

See how God is transforming churches through Generate grants!

Tim Walker

Restored Church
Wilkes-Barre, PA

As a church that is of and for the poor, Generate made a catalytic investment to help us spread the gospel farther and faster throughout the poorest community in our city! We believe that we will continue to experience a great gospel harvest thanks to the generosity of Generate and many others!

Ryan Frank

Involve Church
Nampa, ID

We appreciate Generate and its support of church planting residency programs. With Generate’s help we have been able to train young men to go into existing and new churches with the skills and tools they need to be effective in ministry. Thank you, Generate!

John Scally

Emmanuel Baptist Church
Flint, MI

Some of the things that we needed completed in our 1st campus in Grand Blanc, Michigan, would not have gotten done without Generate. The generosity of our association has gone a long way in helping us to continue this revitalization project. In total we have spent over $200,000 and Generate was a big part of that. I would highly recommend that you reach out if you’re serious about revitalizing a church. We plan to “pay in forward” because of their great generosity. Praise the Lord!

Daniel Vance

Fellowship Baptist Church
Des Moines, IA

This week a deacon led his brother to Christ, another member is reaching out to a friend in prison, and another member is bringing an unsaved coworker to church.  Our church consultant, funded by a Generate Renewal Grant, helped me to identify, plan, and execute this year-long evangelism focus and God is doing great things through it.

Casey Lute

Church Planting Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church
Lead Planter, Peace Bible Church
Salem, OR

As we look toward launching Peace Bible Church this fall, we are so thankful to have been approved for support from Generate. By helping to meet our tangible needs as a church, gifts like these free us up to focus on the more important work of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Pastor Juan Carlos Magallanes

Heritage Multicultural Baptist Church
Quincy, WA

We received our $10,000 church planting grant and got to work on the plans we always wanted to implement. This helped us to evangelize, disciple and baptize more than 10 people in three different services. We have to thank the efforts of those who give generously for the cause of the gospel. We pray that others may also reach the grace that we had to find this valuable help. Thank you, Generate Ministry.