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A couple stand outside their home, which Calvary Baptist, Midland, Mich., is helping to clean out and rebuild after flooding.

MIDLAND, Mich.—”The statistics for the flooding in Midland County, Michigan, truly represent a disaster,” says Mark Dickerson, community outreach and family pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. “Over 2,500 homes, businesses, and nonprofit organizations have been damaged by the flooding. Many people have lost their homes. The current number is 150 homes lost, with another 790 having significant damage that may still result in total loss.”

Calvary Baptist Church is providing relief efforts and sharing Christ’s love after severe flooding hit the area last month. Donations to Regular Baptist Builders Club are also helping the church reach its goal of raising $30,000 so it can assist 300 unchurched families.

The relief efforts involve working with sister churches to help people rebuild their homes. “We have had electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and others come in to help rebuild,” Mark says. “The opportunities for skilled labor and financial help keep growing as we get our discipleship contacts further into the community. God keeps providing, and we are trusting Him.”

More than 30 people have already professed faith in Christ through the church’s efforts. “Even though there have been many earthly homes lost, we have seen over 30 individuals find assurance of a Heavenly home through Jesus Christ,” Mark says. “I’m so thankful for the gospel! I’m so thankful for a home in Heaven that can never be lost!”

One of those people who professed Christ as Savior was a young father. His family is new to the area and has been wanting to join a church. A work crew involving the church’s preschool teacher and her boys cleaned up the family’s home. Then after two separate personal visits, when first a pastor from Calvary Baptist and then two chaplains ministering in the area shared the gospel with the family, the father accepted Christ as his Savior. The family is “planning to visit Calvary soon and also hoping to put their preschool age child in the summer program and preschool next fall,” Mark says. “The opportunity for discipleship is already being prepared by our Heavenly Father!”

The church also helped clean out another couple’s house and began drying it out so disinfecting and mold prevention can take place. The couple was “so encouraged by all the help from the Body of Christ,” Mark says.

Another family calls Calvary Baptist “great neighbors.” In a thank-you note to the church, the family writes, “For our family, the worst is now over and we can begin the rebuilding phase, but in those first crazy days after the flood, you guys were everywhere in this neighborhood. . . . Many people have commented on how visible and active especially Calvary Baptist was in this part of town. You are great neighbors, and I am happy to share our part of town with you.”

Regular Baptist Builders Club is still accepting financial donations for Calvary Baptist Church so it can continue to help clean up and rebuild while sharing the gospel. Give online, by phone, or by check. Designate “Disaster Relief” on your donation.