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Scott and Karen Arnold of Midland, Mich., thank Calvary Baptist for cleaning up their flooded home.

MIDLAND, Mich.—Calvary Baptist Church thanks Regular Baptist Builders Club financial donors for helping the church provide relief efforts and share Christ’s love after severe flooding hit the area in May.

“I don’t think words can ever express our gratitude for all that has been done and will continue to be done to help in Midland,” says Pastor Mark Dickerson.

“While our nation and the world continue to experience fear, uncertainty, and unrest, we also continue to see God’s provision and blessing for flooded families in the mid-Michigan area,” he says.

One of those families was Scott and Karen Arnold. “We had an incredible experience with the people at Calvary and how they helped us out,” Scott says. A team from Calvary Baptist helped clean up the couple’s flooded home and provided food, and then the team helped the couple clean up the home of their neighbors, who had been out of state at the time of the flooding. “It’s amazing how God knew everything that we needed,” Karen says. “I’m so thankful to God for meeting every single need we had.”

Cleanup in Midland has wrapped up, and “the rebuilding process is going strong,” Dickerson says. Volunteers are helping to rebuild homes—installing water heaters, electrical panels, wiring, drywall, insulation, windows, and doors. “There are a few homes that are almost back to normal, while many others are at various stages of rebuilding.” Dickerson notes that additional skilled workers are needed to rebuild homes.

In the midst of the cleanup and rebuilding, 56 people have professed faith in Christ, and over the past few weeks, several families whose homes had been flooded have attended a worship service at Calvary Baptist Church. “Praise the Lord!” Dickerson says. “Discipleship classes will be taking place in August so that these new believers have a specific time and plan to help them grow in their faith.”

Financial donations enabled Calvary Baptist not only to help clean up and rebuild while sharing the gospel but also to provide grants to residents. FEMA has helped many families, Dickerson explains; however, many other families were not helped and were denied insurance coverage.

“Through the generous donations from so many of our sister churches, we have been able to offer dozens of financial grants to assist families that are really struggling,” Dickerson says.

“These grants have continued to open doors for ministry and prayer with hurting families, some who are rebuilding from the ground up. Praise the Lord for the sacrificial giving that has led to ongoing ministry and gospel opportunities. We never imagined a mission field of this nature with the neighbors all around us. God continues to use the financial and material gifts to meet needs and open hearts to truth.”

Dickerson asks people to continue praying for those in Midland. “Please pray for hope to replace despair. Please pray for love to replace anger. Please pray for endurance to replace quitting. Above all, please continue to pray for the gospel to be shared with boldness and for new believers to be grounded in their faith.”

“Thank you again,” he tells donors, “for all you have done to partner with us!”

Regular Baptist Builders Club is still accepting financial donations for Calvary Baptist Church so it can continue to help rebuild while sharing the gospel. Give online, by phone, or by check. Designate “Disaster Relief” on your donation.