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Partner With Us

I recently read that over 90% of church budgets are created between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 each year. Since most churches operate their fiscal year as the calendar year, that statistic makes sense. Given that fact, it seems appropriate to post some budgeting tips over the next few weeks. One frequently asked question is, What are the most common allocations for a church budget? In other words, What do most churches spend their money on? Here is a basic breakdown:

50% salaries 20% church education and events

  • Some churches write their own educational material. If a church calculated the amount of money that its pastoral staff spends researching, studying, and writing, the church would find that it spends far more on its own curriculum than on curriculum from a publisher (like RBP) and that producing curriculum distracts pastors from the duties the church expects them to accomplish.

20% facilities

  • Even if a building is paid for, there is a need for maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

10% missions and benevolence If your church has questions, the GARBC offers free consultation to fellowshipping churches. E-mail to find out more.