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ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla.—Faith Baptist Church in the middle of a remodeling project with help from a $20,000 Build Up grant from Regular Baptist Builders Club.

Pastor Michael Jayne says, “We have been very busy and have done a lot of work, and we are in the process of still doing more.”

So far the church has added four inches of insulation in the sanctuary attic, added insulation and installed new Sheetrock in the auditorium, replaced 41 windows throughout the building with energy efficient windows, installed eight new sconce lights in the sanctuary, installed Sheetrock in the foyer and painted the area, replaced the flooring in the pastor’s office, tiled a section of the floor in the lobby and added a coffee bar, and renovated the youth room with new flooring, walls, and paint.

The improvements will cut the church’s energy bills, especially in the hotter month of the year. “It is also a much newer and attractive looking facility,” Jayne says. “Most everything was original from when the building was built in 1978. We have already had one wedding, and another one is scheduled to be held. It is primarily because it is a nice looking venue now. All of this provides greater opportunities to minister to our church family and their friends and family.”

Another benefit is that the church is also saving money by using a volunteer crew of about 13 men from the church. “It has also given our men in our church the opportunity to work together on these projects,” Jayne says. “Friendships have developed as a result. Because we are doing all of the work ourselves, we will have done about $60,000 worth of improvements with the $20,000 grant.”

The church also plans to renovate rooms and flooring in the children’s wing. “The renovations to the children’s area will show parents that our church values ministry to children and make the church more effective,” Jayne says. “It should attract others to join us in the ministry as well.”

Jayne adds, “Our church family is very thankful for the grant!”