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Generate desires to see churches renewed and strengthened. Through the Generate Renewal Grant, churches can work with experienced consultants to help fuel the health of their church ministries. The following article from one of Generate’s partnering consultants has tips that can help strengthen every church.

By Kent R. Hunter and Tracee J. Swank

“We just don’t communicate well at all around here!” This seems to be the ongoing mantra related to both internal and external communication in many churches. Despite the growing number of platforms, vehicles, channels, and methods, poor communication still comes in as a major concern among church members, pastors, leaders, and staff teams.

Churches should have clear communication strategies to share information with not only those already in the church but those outside the church as well. An external communication plan will increase and multiply your church’s influence in the communities you are trying to reach and serve.

Ineffective communication efforts cause frustration and have a ripple effect across the entire life and culture of your church. Many churches today still rely on old methods to share information. Many church administration and support staff feel ill-equipped and untrained to use the latest technology or communication platforms. An effective communication strategy is less about fancy, slick marketing and branding and more about sharing with the world who you are as a church and how your church is called, gifted, and equipped to reach the world for Christ.

Today’s culture is more and more influenced by relational, personal storytelling. This is the most effective form of communication. Your church, spanning your entire membership, has stories to tell. How well you tell and share those stories will impact the spiritual growth, renewal, and revitalization of your church, as well as your community and those you are trying to reach. It is important to have a plan to tell those stories.


Methods and channels of communication change seemingly every day. Your church needs to be adapting to and adopting those methods if you want your mission, your message, and your God stories to have the maximum impact and influence. Doing what you have always done in the area of communication will not help you improve your internal or external communication challenges.

Review how you are doing with your communication and storytelling. How well are you using the multiple communication channels and platforms available to you to share news and information about your church? Do you know what platforms and methods are the most effective for your church? For your surrounding community? Have you segmented your contact lists to make sure you are communicating the most important messages to the right groups of people at the right times to get a response?

Does your church have a master plan for communicating important information both internally and externally? Are you providing training for your staff and administrative support team to feel confident in how to use the latest communication technologies? Are you using too much insider language that unchurched people or new members of your church simply don’t understand? Spending time on evaluating your communication strategies is time well spent and can help your church advance in mission and ministry.

Calls to Action

  1. Do a communication audit and review of all your current communication plans and methods.
  2. Host a one-day training workshop for your staff members to help boost their communication skills and use of current technology.
  3. Schedule a strategic communication consultation to discover how your church can increase your overall internal and external communication and create a strategic communication for your entire church.

Kent R. Hunter and Tracee J. Swank serve with Church Doctor Ministries. Kent is its founder, and Tracee is a leader, consultant, and leadership coach.