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Church Planting—I had no idea! That is, I had no idea of the challenges that church planting presents. Each plant is unique and faces its own sets of opportunities and obstacles. My family and I are currently involved in a church plant. In the three years of Bible studies, praying for the area, reaching out, and then recently the launch of the church, there has been a vast amount of work done to the glory of God. The church has experienced slow but continual growth in its first year. But that growth is in no way a measure of the impact on our community.

In this community (like many), we must first break down some cultural walls before we can even have a candid conversation with the unsaved around us. My experience is that it takes a significant investment before the opportunity becomes available. Maybe that is the nature of our community, or maybe that is becoming more of the norm in a lost and unbelieving world.

All of that to say, GARBC church plants need our prayers and support. Sure, we need to pray for and support the church planters themselves, but everyone involved in a church plant needs our prayers and support. While it takes planters called by God to plant a church, I am now convinced that it also takes people called by God for that ministry. If God is calling you to be a church planter or a member of a church plant, we would love to hear about it. Drop us a line at, and we will add you to our prayer list and, if you desire, share your name with all of the members of the Baptist Builders Club so they can be praying for you.

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