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Partner With Us

Train Up: HUB Churches


To develop leaders to plant and revitalize churches. This includes equipping leaders to reproduce disciples, leaders, and groups. Our goal is to develop and deploy a new generation of leaders who can lead gospel transformation in our churches and communities.


To ignite a movement of leadership development within the GARBC that brings 200 qualified pastors and church planters into the GARBC over the next 10 years

What are we looking for?

Churches committed to:

  • Outreach
  • Making disciples
  • Developing leaders
  • Reproducing and revitalizing churches

What do we offer?

  • A strategy for developing and deploying leaders
  • Encouragement and accountability
  • A network of peer leaders and churches
  • $1,000 per month stipend, per resident, for up to 12 months of residency

What are the expectations for HUB churches?

Expectations are iterated in the program summary. Essentially, we are asking for the following:

  1. A track record of effective outreach to adults
  2. A clear path of discipleship that is known and practiced in the church
  3. A track record of developing leaders
  4. Active engagement with the community that helps connect people with the Gospel
  5. A track record of starting or reproducing groups
  6. A commitment to increase the capacity of leaders
  7. A Great Commission mindset focused on increasing the gospel impact of the greater Church
  8. A designated resident coach to oversee the residency program
  9. A financial commitment to help support residents
  10. Doctrinal agreement

While the program summary provides a basic outline of the program, it is designed with intentional flexibility so that we can easily cooperate with educational institutions already offering or requiring a similar program; and so that we can easily adapt to the contextual and cultural nuances of individual local churches.