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Partner With Us

Generate Leaders

We need leaders to pastor churches, plant churches, and renew churches.

For too long we have relied on a free agency approach to identifying leaders for our churches. It’s time to develop a farm system.

Jesus invested three years of His life in a small group of men. He discipled them, and He trained them to be leaders. He knew that leadership is crucial to plant and grow churches and to move His mission forward. That’s why He grew His own leaders from among His small band of followers.

You can do what Jesus did! (And we can help.) Generate offers Leadership Pipeline Training, small-group cohorts of pastors and churches.


“Leadership development is not a content problem; it’s a process problem,” says church planting consultant Mac Lake.

Sign up for Leadership Pipeline Training to develop and deploy a new generation of leaders. Generate will underwrite one-third of the cost for GARBC churches.


Through hub churches, Generate equips leaders to plant and revitalize churches.

Become a hub church, and help us develop leaders who will lead gospel transformation in our churches and communities.

Residency Grant

Generate is committed to developing and releasing next generation leaders like Josh Carpenter and Jason Philip. The next generation is the future of the church. We believe in the next generation’s capacity to engage our culture with the gospel.

To generate more young leaders, we designed the Generate Leaders Grant, enabling inexperienced leaders to engage in a Church Planter or Church Renewal Residency.

Residency Grant Application

To qualify for a Generate Leaders Grant, a candidate must do the following:

  • Meet the Biblical criteria for a pastor or church elder and be called to serve as a pastor or elder in a church
  • Agree with the doctrinal statement of the GARBC
  • Be willing and able to engage in the residency program for a minimum of 25 hours per week for a minimum of 12 months
  • Agree to serve as a church planter or pastor of a revitalization effort within two years after completing the residency program
  • Agree that his church will be an active part of the GARBC
  • Agree to complete his residency with an approved hub church
  • Complete and submit the Generate Leaders Grant Application
  • Complete the full Church Planter Profile assessment

Submit Initial Application.