Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The Church Renewal Project

Many churches are stuck. They are trying to navigate the difficult waters of our post-pandemic world. Let us help. Through the “Leading an Unstuck Church” course, the GARBC is providing a unique opportunity for you and your church to get on a path to renewal. Join the church renewal project today!


Through a series of learning experiences, you and your church will enhance your capacity to:

  1. Gain organizational clarity
  2. Expand your outward focus
  3. Move from programs to a path
  4. Enhance your worship gatherings
  5. Develop leaders
  6. Build teams and engage volunteers
  7. Develop a leadership team
  8. Staff for health and growth
  9. Clarify roles of board and staff
  10. Improve communication
  11. Establish financial health
  12. Monitor health and growth
  13. Lead change

This September, we will officially launch this program (valued at more than $1,500) at a cost of $250 per church. Sign up below to be part of the first church renewal project group!