Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The focus of the GARBC is to “make disciples through healthy local churches.” For that reason, we are committed to utilizing our resources to revitalize local churches so they can effectively engage in this mission.

Here are the guildelines for Renewal Grants:

  1. The GARBC has vetted several consulting groups with a solid track record of helping to revitalize local churches. Each church selects a consultant from the list.
  2. A church fellowshipping with the GARBC establishes a preliminary agreement with the consulting firm including a firm estimate of costs.
  3. The church applies for a “Renewal” grant from Generate for up to 50% of the consultant fee. The maximum grant amount is $10,000. You can start the application process by clicking here.
  4. The Director of Generate will evaluate the grant application and meet with church leaders and consultants to establish parameters for services and fees. This will include clear deliverables by the consultant as well as specific expectations for the local church.
  5. The Director of the Generate makes grant recommendations to the Generate board for approval. This process will generally be completed within 60 days of submission of the Renewal grant application.
  6. The church pays the consulting firm per contract.
  7. 50% of the Renewal grant amount will be given to the church at the mid-point of the contract period provided the church is meeting the agreed upon expectations.
  8. The balance of the Renewal grant will be given to the church when the contract period ends provided the church has met the agreed upon expectations.

To begin the application process, please click here.

You may direct questions to Clare Jewell via email at: